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Monday, January 07, 2008



we gon have to be nice to the niggers or else soeonr or later they gon rise up, kick our asses, and take over. So what you did was say now, now, goooooood black folks, yall equal now, gon head, get your education, get a job, and yea, our kids can go to school wit cha. The point is crackers conceded to us because they seen us on the path of greatness-leaders rising up, people getting educated, PEOPLE GETTING HIP TO THE GAME- so they conceded to cause the illusion of equalty while simultaneously introducing hard, addictive drugs and other self-defeating habits, and sowing the seed of discord amoung the african american bretheren. So now you dont have to fight us, we fight ourselvels. But a new day is coming. And all you white crakers are doing is fueling the impending uprising, causing more and more separation between us, until BAM!!!!! CIVIL WAR AGAIN!!!! But not between the north and the south this time, but rather between blacks and whites, the intelligent and the idiots (you know who you are). the upper class elite and the po black folk (as there is no more middle class). And this time the US will need foreign aid to clean up the mess that is to come. And that will be the opportunity for countries like IRAN, N. KOREA, CHINA, RUSSIA, and others that have been sitting In the background waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. And it will all be because the @$%%#@! ignorant white folks could never evolve in their thinking, set in thier ways of imperialism and pillaging OF OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY!!!!!! CHECK YOUR HISTORY!!!! THATS THE ONE THING YOU STOLE FROM US THAT WE CANT GET BACK!!!! BUT WE DO KNOW THAT THERE WERE GOOD PEOPLE AND BY CHECKING YOUR HISTORY WE KNOW IT WASNT THE IGNORANT WHITES. YOUR HISTORY CONSIST OF ROBBERY, KIDNAPPING AND RAPE. AND WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, THAT IS YOUR CLAIM TO FAME. KEEPING FUCKING WITH US, AND YOUR GONNA GET WHAT YOUVE BEEN ASKING FOR. AND IT HURTS ME TO MY CORE THAT THESE MOTHER FUCKING (AND I MEAN THAT LITERALLY YOU INBRED MOTHERFUCKERS) THAT YOU GET ON HERE AND USE COMMENTS LIKE GOOD LORD AND GOD. THE LORD WONT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU. IN THAT DAY, YOU WILL HEAR DEPART FROM ME, YE THAT WORKETH INIQUITY, I NEVER KNEW YOU CAUSE AS THE BIBLE STATES THOSE THAT CALL HIS NAME LORD, LORD AND DO ALL MANNER OF GOOD WORKS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE OF HIM. BUT ITS THE ONES THAT DO GOOD UNTO THE LEAST OF THESE THAT ARE. FUCK ALL YALL. CIVIL WAR IS COMING MOTHERFUCKERS.

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