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Sunday, May 08, 2005



I love the title of your post. I think we should title our post like this much more often:)I am sireruspd that is has come back with such a vengence? My daughter has been on birth control meds since she was 14 due to terrrible periods (3wks on, 1wk off..living with sybil..you get the picture) (completely going off track here it makes my husband CRAZY!!! that I call it birth control pills, because there is NO birth control involved thankyouverymuch! Her being so young and not sexually active...but that is what they are called! and so I will casually mention "oh...I have to go pick up T's birthcontrolmedicine at Walgreens, and the poor man literally cringes and grows a gray hair in front of me, and hisses "DON"T CALL IT THAT!")Okay..back on track. Her GYN told me that she would OUTGROW alot of this and by the time she was say (your age) she would not have trouble like that anymore! HA! So that is a joke huh!I am so sorry!! For everyone involved:( That SUCKS!Sophie might like a sibling??

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