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Monday, April 11, 2005



, the mayor didn't run based on being a top lawyer as Trutanich did while resfniug to even put his law school's name in his bio, in a glaring lack of the transparency and ethics he blabs about. (He who doth talk too much about his own ethics instead of demonstrating it )However, if 1:14 is a mayor PR person, I'd rethink the success of THEIR strategy so far in NOT addressing the negative spin coming out of the rightwing radio-world, especially when it includes elected officials he has to work with. That has helped create this mess by letting the general public believe their spin that AEG must pay and took advantage of the city, and that has further evolved into an outright belief that AEG AND the mayor are crooked and knowingly defrauded the taxpayers. Trutanich and Zine have fostered and milked that lie to the public.Fact is the City Attorney's ARE demoralized and embarrassed. (Did you see even their faces lately when forced to back up their shoot-from-the lip-and-think-later boss?) This guy is a PR-hound and as the shock has worn off, is a head-scratching laughingstock to the more savvy media. Sure he'll keep getting his PR, but like a traffic accident you can't help watching.HOW many bombshells has he thrown out in 3 weeks, each more head-shaking than the last, and each based on his own confusion about the law and lack of legal scholarship when it comes to studying precedents before opening his mouth, prioritizing his bombastic politics first? Rocky was criticized because people hardly knew he was there most of the time suddenly that part of his tenure doesn't seem so bad.LAURA CHICK LIVE THIS MORNING TO DOUG: The City Attorney lied, and is not a man of his word he is a demagogue who will say anything to get elected, and then go back on his word he stood next to me and lied to get my support. He gave me his word that regardless of how the legal ruling came down, he'd issue a different ruling allowing the Controller to audit his dept. at her discretion (NOT just right now as long as it's limited to what's left of Rocky's tenure). But he lied to get my support and votes, and I've told him that to his face. Chick is confident that the public will see through this man, see that he's a demagogue who will say anything to get elected, but is not a man of his word. She kept repeating that he's a demagogue and liar.LOTS MORE HARSH WORDS BUT EVERYONE WHO KNEW THE FIXER FROM SAN PEDRO TOLD YA' SO, LAURA.Add this Controller mess to his gross mishandling of the Jackson/ AEG affair, the threats to the CRA commissioners and attempts to intimidate the Council and we have quite the trainwreck. I'm afraid he's going to keep getting PR alright but not what he's dreamed of.

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